Who is DIMGO? What is your philosophy?
DIMGO is a manufactory based in Cologne, Germany. We make our own handmade products for people's well-being, including natural cosmetics (skincare), candles, air sprays and much more, with our own recipes. All this with great attention to detail, in small batches, under environmentally friendly, transparent and fair conditions.
We are a small team of 2 women (+ a few freelancers to help us with certain tasks) with a lot of love for what we do.

I am interested in offering your products in my online and/or offline store. Is that possible?
We'd love to! Send us an email via our contact form and tell us a bit more about you and your store. Do you have a concept store? A beauty salon? A spa? Send us your website or a link to your social media! We are looking for partners that fit our philosophy! (We reserve the right to choose who we partner with).

What sets you guys apart from competitors with similar products?
Quite a lot! First of all, we are a real HANDMADE Label!
All processes of our products are made by ourselves, by our hands, in our workshop in Cologne, according to the European Cosmetic Regulation. Our formulas were created by Diana, founder and product developer of DIMGO, and approved by external auditors and consultants. We are also regularly inspected by the Food Office and Consumer Protection.
Our ingredients are natural and environmentally friendly. Most of them in organic quality and if possible from local suppliers.
DIMGO products are more than just a cosmetic product, they are products that evoke well-being, remind you to connect with yourself and give you a moment of me-time at home. Great gifts for yourself or for a loved one.

Can I order your products through marketplaces like Ankorstore and Faire?
You're very welcome! To avoid additional payments, please let us know in advance so we can add you to our customer list. Please note that on Ankorstore and Faire you will find different conditions: a lower profit margin, but the possibility to buy on account and with a smaller minimum order value.
Unfortunately, due to capacity constraints, we said goodbye to Orderchamp at the beginning of 2023.

Is it possible to place a small order that is below the minimum order value?
You are welcome to do so via the marketplaces. Through our own B2B store, the conditions are not negotiable.

I would like to place a small and varied order. Is it possible to order only one unit per reference?
To get the prices and conditions for distributors, it is necessary to make the purchase through our sales units (3 or 5 units depending on the product).

I would like to test your products before placing an order. Can you send me some samples?
To make sure you try what you really want to try, you are welcome to place an order as an end customer. You will receive the 1:1 value of any two products you order in the form of a coupon that you can use on your first order as a Partner. We will send you additional fragrance tests with your order.

I want to place my first order, but I don't know what to order. Do you offer a "starter pack"?
We would love to! We have a "starter package" of about 700 Euro (net) EK that we can offer you. If you want to place a smaller order, you are welcome to do it yourself through the website.

Can I offer your products in my store on a marketplace like Etsy, Avocado Store, Amazon, Ebay or similar?
No. This is only possible with our written permission.

Can I order from you on account?
You can order on account through FAIRE or Ankostore. If you want to order through us, the payment method we work with is PREPAYMENT.
If you become a regular customer (for example, after 3 orders within a period of 6 months), we will be happy to offer you another payment method.

Can I pay with Paypal or credit card?
Remember: we are a VERY small company.
In order to keep the profit margins we offer you, we ask you to order only by "bank transfer". In this way, we avoid the transaction fees of the vendors, which, as I'm sure you know, are not small.
If you forget this once, we will send you a reminder about this issue. The second time we will charge an additional fee of 10€ for the transaction.

Can I as a merchant use your photos for my website and social media?
When you place your first order with us, you will receive a folder with many photos that you can use in your digital media.
Please note that not all of our photos are copyrighted and using them without the artist's permission can result in a fine. We recommend that you use only the photos that you receive, taking into account the copyright document that you receive with the photos.

Can I use the texts I find on your website?
The texts you find on our website can be used as inspiration for you. Please do not copy our texts.
You will receive the list of ingredients (INCI) in the photos folder when you place your first order.

I can't find information about your terms and conditions on this page. Where can I see it?
You will receive this information only after you contact them by e-mail. Write to us!

You didn't find the answer to your question?
Write us an e-mail to hello@dimgohandmade.com